Sweet by nature

Think life is sweet enough without sugar? Believe more balanced nutrition starts with simpler nutrition? So do we.

Naturally-derived monkfruit sweetener

Experts on Blyss

Ning the Chocolate Concierge
Bringing Malaysian Single Origin Chocolate Out of the Woodwork
Julia Lim, Holistic Wellness Mentor
The practical creative - making science simple
Eddie Kevlar, Coffee Specialist – Q/R-Grader
Health coach and coffee traveller
Sarah Lee, Founder Sweet Secrets Hong Kong
Queen & Advocate of Healthy Sweets & Bakes
Nicolas Reynard Culinary Consultant & Cordon Bleu Chef
Sharpening skills towards greater health
Life is all about balance. But in today’s busy world it can be hard to find, especially when it comes to the foods we eat. At BLYSS we’re passionate about helping you enjoy simple, balanced, sugar-free nutrition. Nutrition that gets out of the laboratories, back to nature and, of course, tastes great too.

A personal story. A global quest.

Every day, more and more people all over the world come to the realisation that sugar isn’t quite as sweet as we’ve been lead to believe.

See how simple sweet can be

Easy to use. Delicious to enjoy. BLYSS is the perfect way to naturally sweeten all of your favourite foods, cooking and drinks. You can use it in exactly the same ways, and quantities, as sugar. Yet it’s 100% sugar free.