No Cook Lemon Compote

This lacto fermented recipe is a must for the healthy kitchen. This is so easy to make and can be used in so many ways that you would wonder how you lived without it all this time. Lemon, monkfruit and vinegar. A Vit C bomb for your health and culinary needs.


  1. 6 ripe and well washed lemons, preferably organic.
  2. 500g Blyss Monkfruit Sweetener.
  3. 1 litre of apple cider vinegar with the mother.  


  1. Halve and slice up the lemon thinly with the rind, remove the seeds.
  2. Layer the sliced lemons and Blyss Monkfruit sweetener in a 1.5 litre glass jar with screw on lid. Leave the jar on a well ventilated shelve for two days. The Blyss Monkfruit will draw out the juices from the lemon and lacto ferment would have began.
  3. After two days, pour in the apple cider vinegar into the jar, covering the sliced lemons.
  4. Leave it to sit on the shelf for 4 more days for flavours to combine nicely. 
  5. Use the liquid and the lemons in baking, in making sodas, beverages and warm lemon teas. Great for soothing coughs and fixing flu symptoms.  

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