Member's Only Baker's Bundle - More than 40% Savings

Healthy Baking Value Pack 

Mooncake festival is round the corner. Home baking has also become a new hobby for many this period. So we have put together a a baker’s bundle for our members. Here we have the best Californian almond flour, 2kg of Blyss granules and 1 tub of Blyss icing powder for dusting on cakes and make smooth mousses and chocolates.

Value & Savings of 40%!
You get the following:
2 X 1kg bags of Almond Flour worth ($52)
2 X1kg tubs of Blyss Powder ($69)
1X 500g Blyss Icing Powder ($19.50)

Total Value: $140.50 (Now: SGD$80)


Frequently Asked Questions

​Blyss is a natural monkfruit sweetener made with a blend of monkfruit extract (obtained by boiling and reduction) and organic sugar alcohols produced through fermentation. Pure monkfruit extract is 200 times sweeter than cane sugar, so it needs to be blended to bring it down to the level of sweetness we are used to. Monkfruits or Luohanguo are native fruits of China. It is believed that they were first cultivated by the “Luohans” or ancient monks for their medicinal properties that includes increasing immunity and reducing inflammation.

Blyss is an all natural sweetener made from real food ingredients. The monkfruit extract is obtained through moisture reduction and the organic sugar alcohol through fermentation. Nothing about it is made from the constitution of artificial ingredients.

There are no known side-effects of consuming Monkfruit sweetener. Moreover, monkfruit is a herb that has been used for centuries by the Chinese to improve health without side-effects.

Many have described the taste as light and delicious, with the fragrance of cotton candy. It doesn’t have a bitter or cloying aftertaste of alternative sweeteners. On the whole, it taste mild and pleasant, without the intensity cane sugar.

Our retail packs are made with 1X sweetness, that means you can use a 1:1 replacement for sugar in traditional recipes. Our sachets are made with 5x sweetness, and 1 sachet replaces a teaspoon of sugar.

We are really happy to report that our recent tests with Blyss shows that it has neligible to nil glycemic response. It is so imperceptible that it doesn’t qualify for a glycemic index. So, that is a zero GI for you! This make Blyss Monkfruit Sugar a wonderful option for the healthy and those on special diets like the ketogenic, low carb and insulin management approaches.

You can buy Blyss Monkfruit Sweetener off our website whether you are a home user or retailer who buys by the carton! We will deliver Blyss right to your doorstep all over the world. If you are a member of, you will enjoy special deals off products and shipping!